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New perspectives on the topic of conflict resolution


Dealing with conflicts is part of our daily lives. Therefore it is an important aspect to our personal development.

Schools, youth-groups or educational leaders learn about conflict-management out of the perspectives and approaches from other nations and cultures.

The respective project groups express their experience via video clips and discuss the results and findings in their group.








The project groups should have already dealt with the issue of conflict resolution.

Communication language for the video: English ( the clip can also be created in the local language and then translated)

No age limit





Note! Our goal on this project is to focus on the solution not the conflict.





1 Part
Preparation: " Warming up " with a Education-game.

Getting to know ( via video clip): Record a video clip in which you imagine the other group with your name and personal interests. ( Laying this personal foundation will result in getting the know the other group better resulting in honest and open opinions.)



2. Part

  • Name the 4 most common conflicts in your group or school.

  • Exchange which possible solutions.

  • Record via video the four areas of conflict and their solutions.








3. Part


Exchange the created video clip made with your partner group. After viewing video clip of your partner group, share and discuss the impressions, observations and results as e.g. :

  • In comparing the responses of the interviews of your project partners. What are the essential differences made?

  • What insights have you gained through the reports of the other group ?




In a video conference or video message you can exchange your impressions and results with your partner group.

Ask your project partner – if there are any other issues/topics of interest.


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