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 Perceptions and Perspectives

  Israeli and German school classes get to know social perceptions and perspectives from Israel / Germany in relation to actual important topics.

Interviews and video conferences are valuable resources used in the project group. 

Thus the Israeli / German partner groups receive perceptions, which school books and media cannot provide.




The young people should already have dealt with Israel and Judaism and should be prepared for an intercultural encounter.

Language of communication - English or Hebrew

The technical requirements should be examined.

Age - From the age of 10 years


Preparation A scheme of questions should be developed together with the young people and should be coordinated with the partner group ( and the Israel Platform),


How to do it

 Create together with your partner group a scheme of questions with regard to an important actual topic, such as politics, football, school, teachers, studying.....,then you make an interview with your friends, teachers or other people which are close to you.

Send the video clips recorded to your partner group. Watch the video clips which you have sent to each other and then you can discuss the impressions and characteristics.


In a video conference you can then share special impressions with your partner group.



What to do  

Discuss the results within the groups:

  • Compare the answers of the interview of your project partner. Which substantial differences you can find?

  • What did you perceive after having dealt with the photos and the clips?

  • Did the reference to Israel change after having received diverse information?

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