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Here you can find  suggestions for your topics with regard to German-Israeli learning projects

Global Online Learning: This tool is an important aid for direct interaction and helping to understand that other people have different perceptions and perspectives .Through project groups, video and interviews via the internet,  borders can be overcome.  This does not only mean the frontiers of foreign countries and continents,  but also social boundaries. Thus the use of the internet enables  an unique intercultural dialogue.

The "Virtual Classroom"

The basis of relationship and confidence is continousness. This is an important offer of a form of communication, which is easy to handle via Internet and which makes it possible to meet regularly.

Also in times of crisis the "virtual classroom" allows a reliable continuation of the contacts and also helps to intensify and strengthen these contacts. Especially in such difficult times these contacts and friends are very important to the Israeli youth.

It contributes in a trendsetting way to a new culture of learning, relationship and communication (Web 2.0).In its application, having a user defined function, it is a pioneer project.

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# Title
1 conflict resolution
2 הקופליקט במזרח התיכון בהשתקפות המדיה
3 Infos
4 Perceptions and Perspectives
5 Here we live
6 The Media in the Middle East Conflict 
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